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Companies Represented

A Better Idea, Inc.
E-Z Sleeper / Quick Block / Pipe Ease – Rooftop pipe support blocks.


Apollo Flow Controls - Backflow


American made Backflow Prevention products for plumbing, fire protection, waterworks and irrigation markets.

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Bradley Corporation

Washfountains, multifounts, Washbar, Advocate, Verge, Express and Frequency lavatory systems, Navigator thermostatic mixing valves, showers, emergency safety equipment, metering faucets, security fixtures, patient care units, Terreon solid surface products, Keltech water heaters.

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CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW for the new 2004 CSI Specification Section 22 40 00 MasterSpec format for Bradley Plumbing Fixtures


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CDF - Cool Drain Flow


Drain Line Tempering Kits for commercial kitchen equipment, boiler blow down drain lines, condensate return, heat exchanger and dehumidifier lines to temper drain water below 140 deg F. to meet State and IPC Plumbing Code requirements.



Creative Industries


Pre-cast terrazzo shower floors, mop basins and custom terrazzo products.




Electric Instantaneous water heaters, DI water heaters and booster heaters, Emergency Shower/Eyewash heaters.


Elkhart Products Corporation

American mined, fabricated and manufactured engineered fittings including, Push-Fit TECTITE and COPPERLOC  fittings, Solder WROT COPPER fittings, WROT COPPER DWV fittings and KLEENFIT fittings.

Sensor operated faucets and flush valves available in both battery and AC powered models.




Just Manufacturing / EBC

Stainless steel commercial, institutional & residential sinks;
EBC stops/supplies, cast p-traps, cast & tubular waste fittings.

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Instantaneous electric water heaters.
(A subsidiary of Bradley Corporation).


Kemper Water Control
Engineered valve and flow system technology for potable water and Legionella mitigation solutions.


Liberty Pumps
Liberty Pumps is a leading domestic manufacturer of sump, drain and condensate, effluent, sewage, grinder, macerating toilet and engineered pump system packages for the professional trade in North America.

NEW: Night Eye Wireless Pump Alarm






Marlo Water Treatment
Commercial & industrial water softeners, filters, reverse osmosis and deionized water treatment.




Oasis Coolers

Oasis International is a Columbus, Ohio headquartered manufacturer
of environmentally-friendly, sustainable water filtration and dispensing solutions under the Oasis and Sunroc brands.
Water Friendly Solutions.




Plumberex Specialty Products
www.plumberex.com      Handy-Shield Maxx, Handy-Shield Kitchen and Commercial Sink, Pro Extreme, and Trap Gear lavatory trap & riser insulation kits, Mushroom Flange pipe grate cover, Titan GS30, E-FLEX Guard and E-FLEX Pro-System wall seal system for HVAC line set and pipe penetrations and outdoor HVAC line set gasket/seal system, Floor Sink Carrier that acts as a caddy for floor sink installations.



QM Drain

QM Drain offers a wide range of 316 Stainless Steel linear and square drains with innovations through simplification, quick installation and guaranteed performance.



Click the TraceCalc Pro Logo below for Commercial Pipe Freeze Protection  Design Software!

Click the SnoCalc Logo below for surface Snow Melting  Design Software!

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Raychem / nVent Thermal Commercial and Residential Building Heat Tracing Solutions

(Click on a product name listed below for more information)

HWAT system is a hot water temperature maintenance system that utilizes an electronic controller, self-regulating heating cables, and an easy-to-install set of connection kits to provide commercial or residential buildings with immediate hot water at the tap without the use of a recirculation system.

XL-Trace system provides freeze protection and flow maintenance (including grease disposal lines and fuel lines) of metal and plastic pipes.  Commercial pipe applications include cooling towers, parking garages, coolers, freezers and sprinkler systems.

Pyrotenax HDPE Jacketed Copper MI System is a copper-sheathed mineral insulated heating cable coated with a high density polyethylene for embedded concrete or asphalt snow melting applications.

ElectroMelt system performs snow melting and anti-icing in concrete pavement. The heating cable's output is reduced automatically as the pavement warms, so there is no possibility of failure due to overheating.

IceStop system provides a continuous drain path for melted snow and ice from the roof to the gutter and out the downspout.

ACS-30 Advanced Commercial Control System is a state of the art, multi-circuit electronic control and monitoring system for commercial hot water temperature maintenance, pipe freeze protection, greasy waste and fuel oil flow maintenance, freezer frost heave prevention and floor heating applications.



FrostGuard, Gardian, Frostex, WinterGard, FreezeGard, and In-Pipe Mini/Miser systems provide pipe freeze protection for residential and light commercial applications.

WinterGard Wet, FrostGuard, Gardian, WinterGard Wet, and Roof Ice Melt Panel RIM/RIM2 systems provide a continuous drain path for melted snow and ice from the roof to the gutter and out the downspout for residential and light commercial applications.

Nuheat radiant floor heating systems take the chill away from the floor with Mat, Cable, Membrane or Mesh heating products for residential and light commercial applications.



Schott Scientific Glass / Kimax
Kimax Glass piping for acid waste and containment piping systems. Knight-Ware acid neutralizing sumps.

NEW!  Click on the link below to view article from the R&D Lab Design Handbook for 2006 "10 Steps Toward Green":



Tight Seal Gasket
Easier toilet and urinal setting with Innovative, flexible design, sticky, reusable, elastomer toilet and urinal  gaskets. Compresses up to 50%. Will not break or become brittle.  Allows movement without leaking!



Global Manufacturer of Residential and Commercial Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories.  Founded in 1917, TOTO is the world's largest plumbing fixture manufacturer, and their products are environmentally friendly and contribute to the global environment with water and energy conservation.

TOTO USA Technology To Move You:

TOTO Tornado Technology:

TOTO Washlet Functionality:

TOTO Neorest:

TOTO EcoPower Flush Valve and Faucet Technology:




Wade Drains

Specification drainage products since the year 1865 including; floor drains, cleanouts, roof drains, fixture carriers, floor sinks, interceptors, trap primers, access doors, water hammer arrestors, hydrants, Wade HydroFlo trench drain system and Wade Siphonic roof drainage system. 


Water Control Corporation
Legionella & Pathogen Control with point of entry or point of use High Capacity Ultra Filtration, Ozone or Ultra-Violet Rainwater Reclamation Systems that provide an innovative option for drastically reducing building water and sewer usage, gaining up to six (6) points towards LEED® certification, and minimizing the negative environmental impact of new and existing commercial facilities.



Waterless Company

Waterless “No Flush” vitreous china and fiberglass urinals with EcoTrap and Blue Seal liquid. UTC Sentinel sensor flushing systems. Everprime floor drain trap primer liquid. Signature deodorizer and Greenclean cleaning solutions.

Xerxes / ZCL
Xerxes Grease and Oil Interceptors and Double Wall Decontamination Tanks.  Xerxes is the industry leader in the design, manufacture, and sales of high-quality, cost effective fiberglass tanks for the petroleum, water/wastewater and chemical markets.  Founded in 1979, it is North America’s most popular brand of underground storage tanks with more than 200,000 tanks installed to date.  With an unmatched reputation for product quality and customer service, Xerxes is also proud to be a made in the USA manufacturer that has four manufacturing plants strategically located throughout the United States. 

Additional Products Distributed:
Bathroom Partitions (solid plastic, baked enamel, stainless steel, laminate and phenolic), Bathroom Accessories (grab bars, mirrors, hand dryers, towel and toilet paper dispensers, baby changing stations, etc.), Lockers (solid plastic and metal), Water Treatment (equipment, products, accessories, chemicals and services).

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